Our Mission

To promote a healthy lifestyle, to help you discover the benefits of Stand Up Paddle Boarding (Sup) & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ).  We need more friends to paddle and roll with.

To help you disconnect from your daily life, have fun, enjoy nature. 

To help you connect with your family in a cool different way. You should paddle and train Jiu Jitsu together, these are very safe sports.

Practicing SUP & BJJ is such a great workout! 

 Where to  do it?

We are blessed to be surrounded by such beautiful lakes ... just go out to Lake Norman or Mountain Island Lake, the White Water Center. You can do Stand Up Paddle boarding  almost everywhere around.

If you want BJJ in your life or in your kid's life, we are also blessed to have Fight to Win Lake Norman, the Best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team in Lake Norman, with facilities in Denver and Mooresville. Schedule your FREE TRIAL at


Have questions about SUP or BJJ?

Find us on facebook, instagram, website, e- mail or phone.

No hassle, we have the perfect Stand Up Paddleboard for you, Carbon Fiber Paddles and SUP Accessories, visit our online store and  you may find one or two cool goodies. 

And if you think Jiu Jitsu is something you would like to try,  it will be an honor to guide you through your first steps in the art. We've seen hundreds of successful stories and more people is  changing their lives everyday. You can also improve yourself! An active life is a healthy life! Is all about the good vibes!

Remember you don't need to spend a fortune to start doing BJJ or SUP. If you are ready for a change in your life, we can put you in the right direction.   #bjjlifestyle #suplifestyle

We could potentially help you change your life. And maybe save you a buck or two in the process.


To Have in Mind!!

Believe me!.... you don't need any previous experience in SUP to start having fun by yourself, nevertheless, safety is our priority, that's why if you live in the Lake Norman area, we'll give you one hour of technical support and safety tips to help you stand up and paddle for the first time. Most people learn how to do it the first day. With the right board your first experience should be a very enjoyable experience. 

Our commitment to your health is second to none, that is why we also offer our friends one week of free BJJ or Muay Thai / Kickboxing  training at Fight to Win Lake Norman, Highway 73, Suite 101, Denver N.C.  Schedule your FREE TRIAL class at 




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